The death of the demi-gods

In the Greek mythology, a demigod was a term used to describe an individual who had special capabilities that were far beyond human strength like the famous Alexandra the great or Julius Caesar. These people had extraordinary powers. As a result, they were revered and worshiped. Just like our fathers were worshiped. Fathers were a […]

House husbands…Akh really???

  Something shocked me this morning that made me rush to my blog and write. I was listening to some crazy discussions on the radio by Maina Kageni on the rise of house husbands. That many men in Kenya and all over our crazy world are now opting to become stay at home dads while […]

Say No to being anyone’s mistress

  The other day, I was out with my friends in a hotel when we saw a strange sight. I say strange because according to me and my pal, such sights are not pleasant and they call for an urgent address. It was a young woman, around 19 years of age with some old buffoon […]

Lies that women believe about men which are very untrue….

  I was sitting in a matatu(bus) one evening from work when I heard two young girls around twenty years of age lamenting about their relationships and how things were going. It was a bit boring and me being as tired as an overworked donkey wasn’t that concerned about what they were talking about until […]