We need a selfie revolution!!!

one day you are going to the grave and down there its all silent at least leave us something to remember you by.


This world is full of irony..lots of irony

I have this friend of mine whose life is completely different from mine. She comes from a filthy rich background where I would proverbially call the land flowing with milk and honey. I, on the other hand, come from an average family where we hustle to get things. In fact, whenever I feel discouraged about […]

Socialite my foot…get a proper life!!!!

The other day, my friend, Ben, wrote a very disturbing status on face book which I thought I should share about. He said and I quote: ‘I will say this without fear of contradiction:this SOCIALITE nonsense is an epidemic that only sweeps the lazy,promiscuous and dreamy eyed 20-something year old girls who want to live […]