Huraayyyy for father’s day!!!! I salute them greatly

I have heard several men complain how most people forget father’s day. They have mourned and rolled on the ground of their relevance and how they have been given zilch attention besides the great work they are doing for humanity. Really? Anyway, while some of  men deserve this great honor, the rest of the male species who are busy planting seeds and not watering them must not even attempt to join the band wagon of the so called responsible men. If I may put it that way. They must it at home and enjoy the numerous lashes of unkind words like being called dogs, stupid, hyenas, bustards you name them, I can see you giving me some of those nasty names to add on this list. They deserve it. Anyway, my focus today is not on them but to highlight a few things that great daddies do to their children.



Let me magnify great fathers today. I know its belated however, if you have or had a great father you would understand why I have to jot down these few points on why this has to be magnified. I have a great father. Though not perfect, but he has shown me a great example. Sometimes I get this overwhelming fear of whether I shall be found by my better half, I will get a better experience that my father has shown me. It takes a great man to raise a young child when his wife is going to college to further her studies. Most men of nowadays will tell you to sit down and raise your kid. Worse still they will leave you to sort your mess all by yourself. Wake up early in the morning, feed me breakfast, take me to daycare while he goes to work and then pick me in the evening and prepare dinner, wash me up and put me to sleep. Its called responsibility. This ought to be honored. I salute you sir, may God raise up more men like you.

Another scenario is a widowed man who decides not to marry another woman but raise her daughters single handedly despite the fact that this is really hard. What could you have done?Sacrificing the pleasure of roaming all around town with a hot babe just to ensure that your children’s psych are alright?That is really awesome. I salute you sir. I salute the men who sacrifice to watch world cup games just to be with their kids and do homework with them. I salute fathers who pray together with their families and ensure that it is strong not just spiritually but character wise. Fathers who speak into the lives of their daughters and take them out till they bold enough to say no when a man gives them a raw deal.


fathers day


Fathers not just to their children but to their wives as well. Their wives beam with radiance because they have been well taken off. Do men know that when they criticize their wives, they criticize who they are? The woman and the children are the glory of a man. They reflect the character and behavior of the man. So I salute men who understand this and treat their woman like a queen in front of the children. This is the greatest legacy a father can leave to their sons and the society. Not money, cars or a bunch of clothes. Great lessons are what marks a great father. Lessons will be with you and guide you so that your feet do not slip in this murky world. At least we will have a sane society when great Fathers do their job.I celebrate fathers who do this because those who spoil their children are seriously doing a disservice to the world. Fathers beat their children till they get straight in line and acquire great morale behavior,..I know most of you guys will want to whip me for saying this. However, many of you will agree that if it wasn’t for the caning, you would not have been straight. We are tired of spoilt children who have no back bone to handle anything in life. In the end, they end up becoming lousy fathers who abandon their children. Great fathers inspire other children who are not even their children to become great. They overflow with fatherhood.

Am done with my great analysis  of great fathers. I wrote it to inspire the other ones who are wayward, irresponsible, who fulfill the great call of multiplying the earth but don’t take up this great title that comes with alot of responsibility. If you don’t change, you will only feed on the countless names that men like you deserve. You see, its not always that these names are wrong. they just depict the cry of most people and especially women for men to change and become the great people that they are in the society. We need you guyz!!! Happy fathers day!!!




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