We need suitable not perfect mates p1

A first date is something that one anticipates for especially for the singles. You buy the latest cologne, shop for the perfect dress and stilettos to make sure that your crush at least notices the beauty without,  just before your claws begin to show up. This was how Sophia felt when Robert, a tall,  dark […]

The death of the demi-gods

In the Greek mythology, a demigod was a term used to describe an individual who had special capabilities that were far beyond human strength like the famous Alexandra the great or Julius Caesar. These people had extraordinary powers. As a result, they were revered and worshiped. Just like our fathers were worshiped. Fathers were a […]

This world is full of irony..lots of irony

I have this friend of mine whose life is completely different from mine. She comes from a filthy rich background where I would proverbially call the land flowing with milk and honey. I, on the other hand, come from an average family where we hustle to get things. In fact, whenever I feel discouraged about […]

A letter to grandpa…

I had never imagined that a day like this would ever reach. Where I’ll be forced by nature to say goodbye to someone very dear not just to me but the many relatives that I have out there. To recollect and digest all that is happening around me, I’ve decided to write this letter as […]

Jesus wept too boo boo

I have always been curious to find out what the abbreviations INRI stands for. For the chap chap guyz who got 30 out of 30 in CRE, they immediately know where am heading to. For the slow ones, just follow through. You’ll  learn what it means,shortly. Kuuliza si ujinga (asking is not foolishness). Its the […]