Can all the candy shops be closed please?? thank you

  My topic today is very controversial but I really don’t care. After all, it’s my opinion and if yours is better, bring it out and argue it very well. Peradventure we, oo, let me speak for myself in this case, I, will change my innocent mind and gladly follow your ‘words of wisdom.’Though, frankly […]

Its the lies that bind us not love

  I pity people who are in a hurry to get married. Well, that doesn’t mean that if you find the right person you don’t get in but so many people are getting into this serious institution without knowledge. Without the right motive. Without knowing each other well. After listening to a lot of stories […]

Take off your green glasses girlfriend!!!

  There is this phrase or is it a song, am not sure, that goes, money makes the world go round. There is no one in this world who hates cash. Everyone works for money, thinks about making money and how they are going to make it grow and all that stuff. Money is a […]

How did sweet Noelle turn to be the wife from hell Mr. man?

  I love Monday mornings in the matatu because of a lot of things. The most outstanding reason is the fact that I get to hear crazy stories about men and their wives and all that ranting. It makes me thank God a lot for my single hood you know. I have learnt a lot […]