In defense of rich men!!!!!….Its all about character

  Someone asked me why am very passionate about rich men. Well, I had to answer back by sharing it on my blog and letting the millions and millions of my favorite funs know that I don’t hate poor people. Frankly, poverty is a matter of how people think about themselves. If you think you […]

Wake up Adam!!! are sleeping too much

  He is tall, dark and handsome but not a Sudanese. From the look of things, this guy seems to be doing well, so well that you would expect that in a few months he would be kneeling down and proposing to some lucky girl somewhere. But not so. Its been five years down the […]

Dear Foreign donors..I really pray that you get this mail as you are Google searching

  There is nothing that is so cruel on earth like being poor. Poverty, I believe, is not just a curse but the devil himself ruining the lives of many. The Good book says that the poverty of a man is his destruction and the wealth of a rich man is his high tower. You […]

Women…we are in trouble!!!!

I have never heard so much attack on women by the media like this past two weeks. Everywhere, women have been challenged left right and center to either change their outlook or they hit the road. When I say that am reminded of this song that used to come in sun downer, waaayyy back when […]

Heeyyy where did manners go to?????

      When I look at how people especially young people behave I feel so heart broken. Not to say that I have no weaknesses that I have swept under the carpet but there are some things that just go overboard. Is it that our hearts have become so cold and we have become […]

Cheating is wrong, it will never be right..stop sugar coating it

  I have read so many blogs now, let me see, I can’t count how many but just know there are many blogs which have now come up to justify the reasons as to why people should cheat. They say we do so because the other partner is not there for the other, others say […]

Kindly loose that fat sir, its ugly….thanks

I love Crazy Mondays. Its full of stories from creative authors who just make my Monday and as you know being a writer takes me to many places trying to polish up my writing skills. I don’t like being shallow. I love writing excellent stuff, creative articles that will make you laugh, feel inspired and […]

Octoppizo……I agree with you Sir on a few things…BUT!!!

I announced that I will be writing about this guy based on the interview he did on Furahiday night with Lillian Muli. Frankly speaking, I was impressed at how this guy has managed to climb up the stairs of success to become one of Kenya’s finest musicians. One part of his story that moved my heart to […]

My dear Kenyans…….listen to my sound words of wisdom ..very interesting

I woke up this morning grateful for many things. First, I was alive, next, I am safe, third I have a job to report to (though to be honest this last thing I can say I have been in between, some days giving thanks and pother days complaining so please help me God. I know […]