Socialite my foot…get a proper life!!!!

The other day, my friend, Ben, wrote a very disturbing status on face book which I thought I should share about. He said and I quote: ‘I will say this without fear of contradiction:this SOCIALITE nonsense is an epidemic that only sweeps the lazy,promiscuous and dreamy eyed 20-something year old girls who want to live […]

Run baby girl ruuuuuuuuunnnn!!!!!……..

I was discussing with my friend about something we saw in a movie about this girl who thought that she was in a relationship with a man and yet she wasn’t. The man was seriously playing her and even after several warnings from close people, she still didn’t believe until she caught the man red […]

Five things I have sworn never to do..I think you should too that why I shared this!!!!

There comes a time in life where one just decides to do things differently. I mean, I have those moments where I wake up and decide once and for all that there must be change. The naked truth is that some of this life defining moments come after a series of experience that open your […]

Say No to independence!!!….

I am a strong feminist. By saying this I don’t mean that I am in that school of thought that believes men are dogs, idiots, have no manners e.t.c. I believe in the empowerment of women. I believe that in women being treated right everywhere they go and being given equal opportunities to men. I […]

the difference between us and them….world cup season is here!!!

  The world cup season is here happy people and boy are some men excited and some women mad. As for me life remains the same thank God. Going back home after work, watching my favorite soap opera as per kawa. Single hood is beautiful as I have the monopoly of running my life the way […]

Take responsibility, your unthoughtful actions are not our business

The word responsibility has really been neglected or for lack of a better word been dumped in the dustbin by many people. Allow me to give you the dictionary’s definition and it means a state of being accountable for your own actions or something that is within you power or control. Nowadays people, including your […]